Short Answer

So the short answer to the question to Why Bother? is that Joy is uncovered as we become aware of the non-zero, non-empty stillness that rests at that center of all we are.

Like rock, paper, scissors there is no game, no existence without it. Joy powers the awareness of stillness. Or the awareness of stillness releases joy. One is not before the other, nor is one without the other. There is no existence without an interpenetrating 'threeness'. And everyone one of us can give whatever names we want to those aspects. What we call them won't change their unrelenting irreverent interplay.
We choose whether to live life being Happy then... or Happy when...

If we move our identity to the genes that drive us to duplicate ourselves, we may extend our existence another few billion years. If we move our identity to the atoms in our body, we will be around to the end of the universe. Ahhh, but if we assign our identity to the joy we experience that arises in the awareness of stillness, well... wouldn't that be fun?